Nearly done

My big project for the last few months was modernizing Raconteuse. I’ve been posting content there for many years and ended up losing the plot when I went to grad school.

I needed to adhere to a content calendar, added categories, tags, and featured images.

Truthfully it’s been fun to revisit my old work. I’m really proud of the voice I was able to develop there, and it reminded me that I love what I do and I shouldn’t give up.

Anyways, I’ve got posts going into 2022! That’s how much content I’ve produced over the years.

Of course, my content calendar wasn’t perfectly aligned with the actual content. So a lot of my themed days don’t have content after specific days. And I’m okay with that.

Once I’ve ported everything over manually, I’m going to add more relevant content.

I’ve got a lot of plans in the pipeline but I hope knocking this off my to-do list will help me focus on them properly.

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